Craps – How Did The Game Start?

Craps is one of the most popular and challenging games offered online as well as brick and mortar casinos. Much of the revenue comes from casino craps, which reflects the popularity of craps among players. Word Carp is not new to gamers, its existence in the last hundreds of years, Craps has a rich history stretching back thousands of years. It is actually very interesting to know the history of the game you are found to be playing. So now we are going to take a look into the history of the game of craps.

BC Dice games

The concept of craps, which is known to us, is only several hundred years old, but the foundation of it was laid down a thousand years ago when prehistoric people began to play dice games. At first, they use the dice made up of the bones of sheep, it was a bit similar to the dice we use today. Later, after 5000 BC, dice made up of ivory and wood came into existence. In 2500 BC, the Chinese and the Egyptians also started playing dice games with some complicated rules.


Today, craps are regarded as the game for wealthy people who love lavish games, which is filled with excitement. Sir William of Tire and his knights never even thought of this when they invented the direct ancestor of the dangers of craps in the dusty Arabian deserts.

A number of dice games were before danger, but none of them had as many complex rules associated with it. In danger, only one player rolls the dice and others can take a bet on him. The danger is quite similar to the modern craps game we know today.

A random rule has several similarities to modern craps and helped lay the groundwork for what was to come.

Evolution of Craps

Craps has not taken the time to gain popularity in America, especially among the French who have settled there. Craps got huge success from the Southern Territory and it was also very popular in the Mississippi area riverboats.

John H. Winn, who made several changes in craps, made considerable progress in the game. The first rule made by Winn was that players could bet either with the shooter or against the shooter, which precludes casinos from cheating. players using crooked dice the bet can be on both sides of the action. Others then this Winn was also tackled with other famous bets such as Big 8 Line, Big 6, Pass, Don’t Pass Line, and so on.

Learn more about John H. Winn’s valuable contribution to the game of craps, which can be seen in casinos of the present day, his cleats for this reason that Winn is known as “the father of modern craps.